Ron and I worked together for over a year. The emphasis was to build solid online brand recognition. To do this, I used Virtual Reality to showcase all of the houses that he was listed on the market. This elevated his standards in the eyes of the prospect. We also put together a few videos about the neighborhood where he sold houses. 
After doing some research for opportunities, we decided to commit to the growing urban farming culture that was happening in the area and bring our spotlight to it.
As you see - the content that I created for Ron served him long after my work has been done. This is the real value of content marketing. It's evergreen and can be recycled on demand. Content marketing is an investment in the brand image! I want to inspire more businesses to work with other neighborhood photographers. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank Ron for his courage in adapting this content strategy.

Unfortunately, 360 VR tours aren't currently supported by Adobe Portfolio :( ... 
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