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  • Sunday @ Elixir 7/7/24

    That was fun :)

  • Lake Eola Fourth of July '24


    This was a fun and an epic trip. I didn't really take photos of the eclipse itself, but I did take my camera with me to the river and it was such a great day!

  • Ne Chaddad B2B Deh Bekerman @ Celine RoofTop Feb 2 2024

  • Garden of Weeden - 420 Fest by The Locals Mix

  • Roo Nafasat - Studio & Street Sessions


This is Volchek Style!

Do you want your event covered with style? Das ist fantastisch my friend. Smash the play button and dive in.

Ya dig? Smash the "SERVICES" button and I'll see you atcho party!

About Me

I began my journey in Los Angeles photographing nightlife. My passion for capturing moments truly ignited when I attended my first electronic music festival, EDC in San Bernardino, in 2005, just months after moving to LA to pursue acting. I continued to immerse myself in the vibrant EDM scene across Los Angeles. In 2010, my photography skills reached new heights when I teamed up with Gotta Dance Dirty, DANCiSM, and ShiftyRhythms, who hosted weekly and monthly events in Santa Monica. It was through these collaborations that I mastered the art of capturing unforgettable moments. I'm stoked to have documented so many incredible events and captured countless happy memories.

Today, I'm reimagining myself in my new home city of Orlando. While I'm thoroughly enjoying the thriving EDM culture here, I’m dedicating this website to limitless self-expression through my lens and beyond.


New lens: 16-28 Sigma L mount for my fp
I'm pretty stoked to get this 2.8 wide open lens to replace the prime lens that I've been using for my real estate video 15m 2.0 from Laowa. There was another lens that I noticed, albite after I already purchased the sigma lens, I noticed o...
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How I've turned my back on creativity and my declaration to turn around.
Damn, it's been a while. My disorganization and ADHD have caused me to completely neglect something I spent years crafting from scratch: my creative character. For the past six years, I've been photographing real estate as part of building my media c...
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