Daytona Beach, Night Life, Phot Booth

SuperFly Saturday

Welcome back to the ’90s! A little theme goes a long way and here are the shots:

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Phototbooth shots:

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Daytona Beach, Phot Booth

Open House Sundays 9-26-21

Sunshine, bottomless mimosas, and house music. What else can you ask?

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Shameless self-promotion

Photobooth Shots:

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My first NFT

Maybe I overpriced it. No, I did overprice it. But perhaps it’s a goal to eventually sell this at that price. I already published my second NFT by the time I got to make this post on my long-forgotten tab, one of many of course.

I came home – tired as shit from shooting a few houses that day, and the last thing I wanted in my hand would be a camera. But the view of my 4th story apartment, namely its balcony was yarning to be immortalized in the world of ones and zeros.


Erica Rivera

My first session since I moved to my new apartment in Daytona. All natural light. I’m really pleased with the results. These photo have only been edited in Lightroom – no touchups in photoshop have been done.

I hope to bring you a good Erica’s story to go along with these photos, so stay tuned!

Night Life, Palm Coast

Moonrise’s third-anniversary.

I keep on working on my photo booth design. There are specific parameters I’d like to achieve. I want a small footprint concept, which means everything is modular and collapsable. Every time I tweak something or come closer to perfection – I itch to test the booth out, inconspicuously. I offered the idea of setting up a booth for Moonrise’s third-anniversary weekend events. I’m really glad I was able to stop by and give my latest set-up a go, touch-screen monitor worked like a charm – no more laptop either. Instead, it’s a mini-computer that sits on top of the printer. It’s all coming together.

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