Why Media Marketing?

If there anything to be told about 2016 elections is that there’s a huge shift of attention away from main stream media to social media. This is good news for small and local businesses as the cost of communicating on social media is relatively small in comparison with TV, Newspaper, or Radio. The advantage of social media over main stream media is that its content is created once and can be shared  by the audience over and over again – harnessing the power of time tested “word of mouth”.

In recognizing this fact – a successful business leaders of today are choosing to create intelligent and entertaining content output. I use media marketing to help such business leaders to build their brand’s equity. No business is too small to step-up their game. I use my 10,000 hours of photography experience, my entertainment background, and marketing degree to craft custom-made media with target audience in mind. Media marketing is the future because it’s a time-tested philosophy that can be adopted to the new communication landscapes of today.

I'm a Google Certified Photographer. Let's bring Google's Street View inside your business
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Each project is a marketing campaign for specific audience. See all the media that I created for each project.

Google Street View for Business

Google’s Street View Project

I’ve been a…


Real Estate

360 Photography made into VR tour for Real Estate and other applications


Community Service

Content marketing should…


EDM + Partylife

Paul Van Dyk…

Most Requested

Top three services that I specialize in and requested for most of the time.

360 Photography

VR technology is latest attraction across the social media and the internet. It breaks the barrier and brings the world from the comfort of any device, into your space.


I set a fun and light environment with people I work with and capture it with my camera.


This is where I started in the underground EDM clubs of west side LA. I’m well recognized for my edgy coverage of events that captures the energy of the party.

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